Name our Farm

When we first saw what was to be our new home, there was a sign on the farmhouse that read “South Brandon Fruit Farm” with the list of all the ‘men’ who owned the property.  We’ve updated that sign to include both husbands and wives and, of course, ourselves.

Well, the name inspired us to look for the fruit trees that supposedly were the basis for the farm.  Only one old crab-apple tree remains and we don’t have the desire to start over planting fruit trees.

So, we’ll need a new name.

Naming your property is not easy, you want it to reflect your personality, your goals, brand and purpose.

We love animals, so we thought of something with St. Francis.  Francisco Farm?  I love it.  We also want to provide sanctuary for senior animals.  Eldercare?  Rainbow Bridge?  I think not.

So the search goes on.